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Benson Jr - The Duck Night Light

Benson Jr - The Duck Night Light

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Experience A Benson Way of Life

More than just a duck that makes you smile, he relaxes your soul and relieves your stress.

Benson Jr. is a happy little guy who loves to light up in the dark. He'll be your home's most faithful friend and companion. 

Take a load off and enjoy the time you have, instead of worrying about how much more there is to do.

Did we mention he'll hold your phone?


Benson Jr. is more than just a duck. He's your friend. He makes you smile, he makes you relax, he relieves stress and he helps you enjoy the time you have.

Benson is here to help you make the most of every moment. The perfect partner to have around no matter the day or night, providing a warm inviting ambience and yet have the ability to light up any room.

We believe everyone deserves a moment of chill every day, even if they cannot get it on their own .

Benson is there to help us get those precious moments of chill back in our lives, no matter how little time we have to enjoy them.


We believe that everyone who befriends Benson Jr will find themselves smiling a lot more often than before.

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