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Mesail™ Cloud Shark Slides Summer Cute Shark

Mesail™ Cloud Shark Slides Summer Cute Shark

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Summer'shere and the
Sharks are going viral on TikTok!

We all face two issues when picking out the perfect slides...

Comfort and Design.

Many slides nowadays lack one or the other i.e. Gucci. Yeezy. Nike.

Why not have both?

Well we did just that...
Introducing the
Pillow Sharks

Excellent Shark Design: Each slipper has authentic shark features - the replicated sharp teeth. to the fins to the wide-set eyes! These slippers carry so many details compared to an actual shark!

High-quality Materials: The whole cute shark slippers are made of high-density premium EVA material which has excellent flexibility and durability. lightweight. soft. comfortable. breathable and water-resistant

Made For Everyone.
Including You!

Ergonomic Design: The slippers are slightly recessed to perfectly wrap your feet. provides perfect protection. toe to the tail is slightly upturned by 15¡ã. the fitting angle balances the pressure. ergonomic design. More comfortable to wear.

Efficient Anti-Skid: The bottom is designed with a non-slip texture to increase friction and provide just the right amount of support to prevent slips or falls when you shower.

Choose your matching socks:

Choose Your Normal Size

Wide Occasions: The leisure style is perfect for each season and occasion. You can wear it in the room. bedroom. bathroom. living room. swimming pool. beaches. spa. dormitory. hotel locker room and other occasions.

Please Note: The Pillow Sharks may bring an overwhelming amount of comfort and attention.

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