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Impoms® PheroMan

Impoms® PheroMan

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Become Irresistible To Her!
With the Lure Her Pher***ne Infused Cologne, Get Ready to:
🔥 Make an Impression That Lasts / Drive Him & Her Crazy
🐺 Unleash Your Inner Alpha.
👔 Turn Heads.
🌟 Attract the Attention You Deserve.
How Does it Work?

Simply put, pher***nes influence the behavior or development of the receiving individual. They can make you feel more confident, appear more attractive and improve social interactions.

We utilize pheromones in our fragrances to give you that extra edge, amplifying your natural pheromone output and helping you confidently showcase your true self to the world.


More Attention

Not only will this pher**mone cologne get you more attention from women, it will increase your likability in general. All people will be more drawn to you, and being in your presence.

Increased Confidence

The effects of this cologne will make you feel your best and most confident self. You will feel ready and capable and attracting whatever you desire.


Increased Attraction & More Dates

The pher***ones in this cologne are irresistible to women. Wearing this, you are sure to get the attraction of any woman and getting dates will be a breeze!

Try It For 30 Days Risk-Free

We are so confident that pher***ones will help take your confidence & attraction to the next level that we are giving you 30 days to test our cologne out. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, then send it back & we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked.


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